Debbie Redford
Debbie Redford

Selling Your Home - The Debbie Redford Method

"My goal is to provide diligent attention to every detail in marketing your home.  I will provide undivided loyalty to you throughout the listing and selling period and look after your best interest."
                     Debbie Redford
                 ASR, GRI, CRS, Broker 

Selling your house requires all the help you can get, and, nobody gives you more help at transacting the most rewarding home sale than The Debbie Redford Team of All Atlanta Realty, because Debbie and her experienced staff deliver more high-impact selling services, faster and more efficiently than you would ever dream possible. Super services that set the stage for success on Closing Day include:

A written report of all the homes sold in your neighborhood to identify those most similar to yours  -- in order to set a realistic VALUE for your property for the QUICKEST possible sale.

Your Home is Advertised Until it is SOLD!

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These services are provided to help both the Debbie Redford Team of All Atlanta Realty and You-- the home seller-- reach the same objectives:

Sell your home at the highest possible price 

Close the sale in the shortest period of time 
Complete the transaction with the most favorable terms to you 


Reaching these objectives on schedule is achieved by Debbie and her team of real estate specialists in a methodical and time tested series of important marketing phases: 

1. Determining Your Goals

Debbie doesn't just "put your home on the market." First, she gets to know YOU--your needs and wants--so she can help you establish precise and realistic guidelines:

Best price at which to market your home
What your "net" expectations are
Type of terms and financing that may be acceptable to you
How soon you need to move

2. Custom-Designing a Personalized Marketing Plan for Your Home


Marketing your home is much more involved than just taking a listing, putting a sign in the yard, or running an ad. Each listing requires an individual, highly personalized sales promotion program. The first step is a careful analysis by Debbie and her Marketing experts to determine (1) what types of buyers may be most interested in your home and, (2) how to favorably appeal to their particular wants and needs. Then, they implement and execute your individual marketing plan; a plan designed to sell your home through: 


WWW.COLORITSOLD.COM web site may be accessed by more than 450,000,000 prospective home buyers throughout the U.S. and around the globe. Your property also featured on Major website photo tours and 


Illustrations and copy concerning your property may appear in Real estate guides including up front advertising in local news media, including the Marietta Daily Journal, Cherokee Tribune, and Neighbor Newspapers reaching hundreds of thousands of home shoppers, until Debbie "Colors It Sold."


Your home is featured in listing flyers contain both pictures and descriptions of the home and are targeted to prime prospects. Emphasis is on reaching prospects who may have special interest in your property. Your home is promoted until it is "Sold". 

3. Screening and Qualifying Buyers

The Debbie Redford Team helps eliminate unannounced "lookers" by showing your property to only serious buyers who have the proven financial ability to (1) meet your price and (2) your financing requirements. Showings are by appointment only, and prospects are never unescorted. An authorized Agent of All Atlanta Realty will always be there to answer questions and personally guide them through your house.  


4. Setting Financing Guidelines

Today, home mortgages have become extremely complex, and it is the job of Debbie and her financing specialists to find the best package that will work best for your buyer. Because Debbie knows many sources of mortgage money in the Atlanta area, she can enhance the saleability of your home by guiding buyers to a lender most likely to effect a good loan and expedite your Closing. 


5. Special Arrangements

If your family is being relocated to another city and your Atlanta home is vacant, the Debbie Redford Team of All Atlanta Realty can provide you with total peace of mind while the search for a buyer goes on by: 

Making sure lights are turned on and off
Maintaining thermostat setting
Coordinating yard maintenance
Picking up "junk mail"
Keeping you notified about the property's condition and progress

6. Completing the Transaction

The Debbie Redford Team of All Atlanta Realty currently partners with Meredith Shearer & Associates, LLC for our closings whenever possible. Meredith has a satellite location at our office to help expedite your Closing.  


"I know you are concerned about the sale of your home-- just as I would be if it were mine. My team and I will treat it as though we were the owners, and pledge to take a sincere interest in getting your home sold as quickly as possible. After all, your home represents perhaps the largest investment you'll ever make -- it only makes sense to let a true, professional real estate agent manage the sale to its most rewarding conclusion. So, when you are ready to sell your home, please call me at (770) 971-4400 first. Over the past 25 year, hundreds of families have--with great success."

To find out how pleased they were by our performance, read our Testimonials.

  I look forward to "Coloring Your Home Sold!"

 Debbie Redford